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GEO Academies is a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing students and families access to free quality education options. Our charter schools provide students the opportunity to earn a K-14 education with K-12 dollars, all expenses paid by us. Students have earned certifications, associate degrees, and even bachelor’s degrees during their time in our programs. Real college credits paid by us, earned by them.

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College is key to success in life and we provide the roadmap to get there.

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GEO Academies’ teachers and staff are committed to excellence.

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GEO Empowers Students To Soar

We are grateful for our partnership with Ivy Tech Community College and the support they provide all our high school students. Our partnership with Ivy Tech allows us to encourage our students to think beyond high school. And they do! [READ MORE...]

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Student Graduates from College Two Weeks Before High School Graduation: “I Didn’t Want to Waste Any Time.”

When Raven Osborne was in third grade, her teacher told her that the classwork was too hard for her and she wasn’t an A student. Well, Osborne certainly proved that teacher wrong. [READ MORE...]

A Golden Buzzer Moment for GEO Academies At Indiana Black Expo Corporate Lunch

More than 1700 community, corporate and philanthropic leaders attended the lunch and it was a great opportunity to share the many great stories of triumph by our students. [READ MORE...]

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