On April 28 Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) received the first 50 Dell Netbooks with Sprint Aircards and protective software installed on each computer. WBS LLC’s (One Aircard One Dream program) assisted PPP to find a workable learning solution. This end to end managed solution combined funding from E-Rate with private funding to provide it’s students with 50 Sprint aircards bundled with 50 Dell Mini-Netbooks each loaded with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) software. Therefore, wherever students are on campus or off campus on field trips, they are able to investigate the world through a safe and secure environment and are no longer reliant on internal infrastructure or staff from Pikes Peak Prep.

The 50 units that the school received were the first shipment. The remaining 218 computers will arrive before the fall of 2011 and each K-12 student will have access to a netbook. “The beauty of these netbooks is the ability for students to have instant access to information and resources. Netbooks are a great tool that gives students an opportunity for hands on experience that they might not normally have within their classroom. The uses are absolutely endless,” said Principal Dr. Patricia Arnold. Both teachers and students will be able to use these devices on a daily basis.

Dr. Arnold presented Bob Logan and Joe Johnson, WBS, LLC, with a plaque that featured a photo of the student body to express the school’s appreciation for their contribution in time and resources.

Kevin Teasley, President of the GEO Foundation which sponsors Pikes Peak Prep, pointed out, “It’s an exciting opportunity for the kids. It will engage them in learning; it’s the way our kids are wired today, so we are thankful and appreciative and look forward to rolling this project out.” This program provides a one-to-one ratio student computer opportunities at Pikes Peak Prep for 2011/2012. Currently the school has quite a bit of technology that includes desktop computers in each classroom and iPads, but now this technology with the Dell Netbooks, Sprint Wireless Cards, and CIPA Software provides the school the opportunity to go mobile, at virtually no cost to Pikes Peak Prep, or to the taxpayers of Colorado Springs.