Pikes Peak Prep charter school (K-12) has experienced steady growth over the past few years. A 42% improvement in the 3rd grade reading scores over the past four years marked one of the top growth scores in Colorado Springs. Third grade students were able to increase their proficiency scores over the past year by 4% and 19% in partial proficiency.

The students that had spent more than one year at Pikes Peak Prep saw the biggest growth in the scores demonstrating that if a student remains at the school for longer than one year they will reap the benefits of the school’s program, smaller classrooms and dedicated staff. “The literacy program is a key focus here at Pikes Peak Prep. Our staff receives professional staff training from key education leaders with top notch programs. We have been fortunate to receive training from Dr. Barbara Swaby, Professor of Education and a President’s Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The training has given the staff additional guidance needed in all classrooms.”

Pikes Peak Prep provided their students with a dedicated 90 minutes focused at literacy each day. The school also offers free after-school tutoring in all class work. These and other tools are put in place to obtain the 80% mastery required for each student. Pikes Peak Prep focuses on building student’s skills and knowledge to be successful in life and learning.

Pikes Peak Prep Background:

Founded in 2005, and located near downtown Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Prep (PPP) has achieved AYP every year of its five-year existence. PPP is characterized as a “high growth, tuition-free, public charter school.” The school prepares students to compete in the global economy by giving them every opportunity to become comfortable with current technology and new experiences. Along with the help of partner, Pikes Peak Community College, PPP students have the potential of graduating from Pikes Peak Prep with as many as 60 college credits free of charge – an enormous savings to families.