Congratulations to the 4th and 7th grade students who participated in the West Central Indiana Math Contest. Hats off to these students, who not only participated and competed against 6 other Indiana Schools but won first place in the contest. 21st Century Charter School @ Gary came in first place with 1120 points.

This score is based on the average of correct answers per student in each school. Out of the top ten students in the Northwest Indiana Region 7 of them were from 21st Century. Well done and terrific job 4th and 7th graders.

  1. Jawaun Philips- 7th Grade- 9295 points
  2. Hennessy Smith- 7th Grade- 8341 points
  3. Breonna Reese- 7th Grade- 4441 points
  4. Timothy Brown- 7th Grade- 3742 points
  5. Michelle Green-3rd Grade-3446 points
  6. Stacey Woods-7th Grade-3231 points
  7. Gregory Brown-7th Grade-2074 points