Joseph Coleman arrived at 21st Century Charter School at Gary as a sophomore after having attended KIPP for four years, until it closed down. He adjusted to the school and opened up to the other students to tell his story and talk about who he is as a student and person. Joseph immediately became involved with band and choir at 21st Century Charter School at Gary when he arrived, and he’s also president of the booster club where he leads the club in drumming up school spirit at pep rallies and games.

He’s been taking English and a communications class at Ivy Tech to help him develop as a singer, actor, and dancer. Joseph has been singing since he was 3 and participated in a church choir since he was 7. He’s also participated in plays such as Beauty and the Beast since he was 7 years old at the Westside Theatre Guild. He is a talented dancer and is training in hip hop, ballet, tap, and Chicago step.

As a senior, his first choice (out of his twelve applications!) for college is Columbia College of Chicago, and wants to double major in game design and animation, and music. He wants to create games that are fun but do not promote a violent culture. Joseph has also enhanced his college applications with his internship at city hall, and his assistant manager position at a local construction warehouse.