Tempest Williams arrived at 21st Century Charter School at Gary as a junior from Roosevelt High School. She came to 21st Century seeking a strong education with one on one help and support from her teachers. She also wanted to avoid the drama of the hall ways and be less distracted from doing well in school. She really enjoys the small class sizes, the personal attention from teachers and character development lessons from teachers and fellow students.


At 21st Century Charter School at Gary, Tempest feels like teachers want her to succeed now and in the future. If an issue arises, she always sees a teacher address it immediately, whether in the classroom or outside. She really appreciates that teachers step in to prevent student arguments and altercations and will even take time out of their lunch hour to help students.

Since arriving at 21st Century, Tempest has made some really good friends and knows that people here are helpful and friendly. Tempest is involved in cheerleading and volleyball and was inducted into Honor Society in her junior year. She plans on becoming a pediatrician and pursuing college through the 21st Century Scholars program at Plan on becoming a pediatrician after finishing her undergraduate degree at Ball State University, IU Bloomington, Butler University, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, or Howard University. Her college applications will definitely be strengthened by her volunteer work in the neighborhood clean ups and at the nursing home. She also looks forward to graduating high school with an honors degree in Spanish because of her four years of Spanish that she has taken.

In the future, Tempest envisions herself living in a nice neighborhood in a home that she has built, successful as a physician, married and having a family. She says that she wants to wake up each morning and be excited for another day in her career, not a job. She wants to work hard to obtain the best possible education, and wants that work to pay off.