Compare and contrast the Holocaust Museum and 9/11!

I think it was the Holocaust was worse than 9/11, why….because more people died.  It was really sad how convincing Hitler was!  He talked the German people “into” the Holocaust.  

I think the people died slowly and more painfully in the Holocaust.  Those in 9/11 died very quickly when the planes hit the buildings.  That was crazy…people didn’t know what to do and what was going on that’s why I think the Holocaust was worse.



What I knew about the Holocaust before I went to the Holocaust museum. 

What I know about the Holocaust is that Adolf Hitler, a German, hated Jews and did everything in his power to kill them.  He put them in gas champers and death camps.  Also they were put in Ghettos with barely any food.  They would tattoo them to show they were Jews and then hang them in the street in front of everyone to see.  It was around 1942-1945.  

I want to know why he hated Jews.  I want to know the names of the survivors.  Lastly, I want to know how Hitler killed himself.  

After the visit….

What I learned at the Holocaust Museum is that the reason the Germans didn’t like/hated the Jewish people was because they believed in more than one God and they felt that Jews killed Jesus.  So, Hitler, announced any Jews should be killed…which I feel is stupid cause NO ONE CAN tell you what to believe in! 


What I knew about the Holocaust before I went to the Holocaust museum. 

I know the Holocaust was a period of time where Jews were demolished or killed completely off.  They were put in shelves and treated poorly.  They were forced to work and do what the guards told them to do.  And if they didn’t do what they were told, they were tortured and sent to the cave. They were given little food and given a tattoo for recognition.  They were all killed in gas chambers. 

After the visit…

I learned that everything in the book actually happened, including people being shoved in cattle train and taken to camps.  All of the shoes were burned and they showed us the gas chambers which proves it was real!  The videos gave us a visualization of the incidents and was really cool.

Compare and contrast the Holocaust Museum and 9/11!

These two incidents are similar because they both have monuments to respect the people who were killed and to remind us that are living to never forget!    In both circumstances, children were killed.  Both tragedies put the world on a stand still.  Both will always be remembered for centuries to come.  Both were acts of war against human kind.  People are still rebuilding from the incident.  

Sheridan L. 

The Holocaust and 911 are similar because many lives were lost, yet it shaped what we are, and how we live today. I know it’s really bad, but it’s bitter sweet, because it changed our lifestyles, and perspectives on life. 

Melena Daniel

4/6/15 My first day in D.C. is awesome! I’m having so much fun. When we went to the Museum of Natural History we had fun learning about different animals and how anthropologists study bones. We had to explain what we thought about the bones and made a hypothesis. 

4/7/15 Today was a good day. I had so much fun because I learned a lot today. I had so much fun until my feet started to hurt.