As the weather warmed and the close of the school year drew near, high school receptionist Ms. Burr took two 21st Century Charter School at Gary community groups – the Cougar Belles and the Young Kings – to a local Comfort Suites for an end of year Pool Party!

For the Cougar Belles and the Young Kings, groups for seniors in the Class of 2015, this would be a celebration of the end of the school year, as well as a high school career at 21st Century Charter School at Gary.


“We wanted to celebrate the seniors, as it was their last day of school, and talk about life after high school,” Ms. Burr said.  “We swam, ate pizza, and touched base on certain issues students may encounter while entering their first year of college – like the freshman fifteen, studying and not procrastinating, and other subjects that relate to college life.  Our goal was to give them vital information for college, and we hope they took something form this and will use what they learned in their college experience.  We all had an awesome time, and I look forward to working with the upcoming senior class!”