Guest Blog by Ms. Nora Glenn, English Teacher at Gary Middle College

This is the end of my second school year, and the feeling’s stronger than ever.  We are family.  Shonese, who had to drop out of GMC last year at this time, will walk today.  She overcame so much adversity and returned this year to graduate and even win awards in Read 180 and earn three college credits from Ivy Tech.   Get ready, World.  Here comes Shonese.


Malik started at GMC in December.  I watched his eyes while he took the ECA.  He was on fire.  I have never seen a soul so engaged in an activity.  Watch him as he walks across the stage today; you might be lucky enough to see it too.   Look out, World.  Good luck keeping up with Malik.

When I called Brittne to tell her about her ECA results, she started laughing, and I think she was crying too.  Her young daughter was in the background yelling, “Mommy, Mommy, why are you laughing?”  I talked to Brittne’s daughter and told her that her mommy is really smart and is going to graduate.  I told her to give her mom a hug and a kiss and tell her she was proud of her.  I don’t think that was necessary.  Step up, World.  Here comes Brittne and her daughter.

Shakyra is another one.  She has children, works and comes to GMC every day.  She is as serious as a heart attack about graduating, and that’s why she’ll be walking today.  Shakyra is a good friend to many of our students; she likes to socialize.  But when it came to school, she decided to make that her priority. She is walking today and she cannot be stopped.  Watch out, World.

There are so many students, who because of a bad situation or a thoughtless teacher, thought of themselves as unworthy.  I am here to tell you that they are the brightest, kindest, most beautiful people I know.  It has been my honor to be their teacher.  I hope the World is ready.  We are.


Ms. Nora Glenn 


Gary Middle College
520 Washington St.
Gary, IN 46402