Guest blog by Ms. Arthur: 

My class did an activity aligned with Indiana Standards showing skills of communication, social and multiply decimals and adding and subtracting. I wanted to give them an activity that related to a real world experience. Our motivational speaker name was Cynthia Thompson who was a reporter for a newspaper in Indiana.

She was always called out to do the assignments only for African Americans. She soon became tired of reporting negativity about African Americans. She soon realized that God had another purpose for her life to help change how young people were making critical decisions. She has her educator’s license (K-12) and started using her skills to educate and motivate students about a seed that which has been planted in them. She showed the students a power point which had several powerful  motivational information. She brought in a plant to show students that each leaf was different and that they too were different and they had the power to do and make decisions based on the positive seeds that have been placed in them. My students came up with a name for an eatery, and the name was “ Sixto Grado Eatery”, and this means six grade in Spanish. They all had roles of either a waitress, waiter, hostess, server, or cashier. The students enjoyed this activity and learned some wonderful  things about how to be polite and how difficult  these roles can become in a real world situation. Also I brought in a play cash register and Mrs. Bland gave fake money. Mrs. Canady  and Mrs. Bland decorated the desks like a restaurant and it was awesome. I thank all the staff and volunteers who assisted me in this activity. My greatest assistance  came from my instructional coach Mr. Marcus Hurt who assisted the students with their roles and serving our customers and staff.   These are some photos of our activity. We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn with peppers, organic green beans, greens beans with potatoes, baked beans, mac and cheese,  Hawaiian roles, fruit punch, and vanilla or chocolate cake.