Lisa Guy is a hard worker, and one of few students who regularly attended her English ECA remediation class.

 Lisa has a son who just turned one year old, and he is her world.  She wants to be successful, so she can pass that success along to her son. She is a devoted mama.  When Lisa came close to passing her English ECA in the summer, she never gave up.  When she passed the English ECA, I was thrilled to cover her over Thanksgiving break with the news.  We cried and laughed.  Happy Thanksgiving indeed! Ms. Williams and I are so proud of Lisa; she overcame many obstacles and never gave up.  Lisa is a founding member of the new Sister-to-Sister group which Ms. Williams recently started at GMC.  Lisa achieved and surpassed her goals in Read180.  She attended the Ivy Tech class taught at our school, and she just started beauty school! 

Guest blog by Ms. Nora Glenn, English teacher at Gary Middle College.