As a GEO Academy student, Jeremiah Tate was taking college classes from age 13. He skipped 5th grade and 7th grade, and due to the GEO academic model, was able to speed through material faster than his classmates. He graduated high school at age 16, and by then,Jeremiah had earned over 50 college credits, all paid for by GEO Academies. 

Jeremiah Tate decided leave his public school to enroll at a GEO Academy, and did so with the help of his uncle. As a high school student at a GEO Academy, he enrolled in as many college courses as possible. All of Jeremiah’s college courses were paid for by GEO, including his tuition and books. Being in a more academically demanding environment, being surrounded by adults with work/life balance, Jeremiah developed strong work ethic and maturity as a young teenager. 

“Without the dual-credit program, I would have never gotten into Rose-Hulman. When I first started taking college classes, it was more accelerated and more challenging, but it prepared me to survive at Rose-Hulman.” 

Jeremiah credits his high school teachers as being “the best ever teachers!”  In particular, Mr. Dave Wheeler, his US History and Geography teacher saw Jeremiah’s potential and asked him to apply to an institute to study World War II in France! Jeremiah applied–submitting application essays and recommendations, and was accepted! While in France participating in the World War II institute, he did research, went to Normandy, and visited the beaches where soldiers had fallen. 

Through his college course experiences during high school, his teacher’s encouragement, and his trip to France, Jeremiah developed confidence and belief in himself, realizing, “Wow, I can actually compete with competitive students in the US! My school helped me see my potential, my teachers supported me and motivated me to work hard to become somebody.” 

When applying to Rose-Hulman, Jeremiah’s teachers supported and advised him in order to make his application successful–teachers coached him on scholarships to apply for, and which classes to take in order to make his application to Rose-Hulman competitive. He was accepted and received significant merit-based scholarships too.  

While at Rose-Hulman, Jeremiah struggled for some time, and went through some trial and error as a new, young college student.  He learned that he had to reach out and ask for help every time he needed it. He learned to have discipline, manage his schedule and money, and seek out help when needed, without caring what anyone else thought. As a first generation college student, Jeremiah states, “I didn’t have anyone around to ask for help, so I had to learn a lot on my own.” 

“Rose Hulman was three times harder than Ivy Tech courses. But I would have never had a chance had it not been for the dual credit program in high school. 

Jeremiah is the first to graduate from high school and college out of all of his brothers and sisters. And today, he is proud to work as an architecture engineer at Intel, holding a position with only a bachelor’s degree, while many others have only obtained this position after earning a Master’s Degree. Jeremiah has a bright successful future ahead of him, thanks to his years at GEO Academies.