Excellence in Governance Award Linda Johnson! 

Ms. Linda Johnson, Former State Board of Education Chair, is the GEO Prep Academy School Board President.  GEO Prep Academy is a free, public, high quality Kindergarten through fourth grade charter school in East Baton Rouge.  She is a native of Baton Rouge, and a Southern University graduate, with a degree in Microbiology and minors in Math and Chemistry. She has been the most important catalyst in the school’s development and its excellent first year. 

Before Ms. Linda Johnson even agreed to serve on the GEO Prep Academy Board, she flew to visit GEO Foundation’s flagship school in Gary, IN, to research the academic model and methods of the existing GEO schools.  She came away thoroughly impressed with the TAP model implementation (The System for Student and Teacher Advancement by NIET (National Institute for Excellence in Teaching)), the Core Knowledge program, the Blended Learning program, the data driven instruction, and the inclusion of technology in the curriculum. Subsequently, and to the good fortune of GEO Foundation, Ms. Linda Johnson agreed to serve as President of the School Board of GEO Prep Academy in East Baton Rouge. 

Ms. Linda Johnson has gone above and beyond the call of duty as School Board President. As a big supporter of the TAP system, and the person who helped recruit the TAP model to Louisiana, she recruited the founding Principal, Sandra Douglas, who is trained as one of the best TAP Principals in Louisiana.  Our excellent test results and parent satisfaction with our school speak volumes about the quality of our Principal and our Board President.  She also participated heavily in on-the-ground efforts to recruit students–she walked neighborhoods for several hours each day and knocked on doors to talk to families. While participating in recruitment fairs,  Ms. Johnson warmly welcomed each family as she shared with them the merits of GEO Prep Academy. Ms. Linda Johnson was instrumental in hiring quality staff and recruiting families to our school. 

Finally, Ms. Linda Johnson helped GEO Prep Academy become a well-known community charter school among education leaders in Baton Rouge and Louisiana state. She invited, and personally hosted each guest at the school, State Senators, the State Superintendent, John White, State Legislators, Chris Meyer of New Schools Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Police Chief, the Chairman of the House Education Committee and many others.

Ms. Linda Johnson’s dedication to the school is not to be underestimated–despite living in Plaqamine, fostering her grandson, and retired, she still attends every school function, actively leads School Board meetings, and is helping to scout future locations for future GEO Academies in Baton Rouge. Ms. Linda Johnson has been, and continues to be, a vital asset in our ability to provide a quality education to students in Baton Rouge. She is highly deserving of this honor for her hard work and dedication.