PPP Student Talia Martinez recognized by Colorado Young Writers Award Committee! 

Talia Martinez, a 6th grader at Pikes Peak Prep was recognized by the Colorado Young Writers Awards Committee for her writing submission. 


See Talia’s writing submission below: 

Trinity was sitting on the couch watching TV when it happened. It sounded like it was 

coming from the basement. After hearing it, she paused, turning off the TV. Could it have just been the TV echoing along the walls? Although,-she had to admit that the song being played did sound more than a little bit familiar. It sounded like a song she had heard on the violin. Brushing it off, she got on her phone. Almost immediately, the noise was heard again. This time she knew it wasn’t the TV. Grabbing her phone, she got up and headed toward the basement door. She looked at the door like she had the first time she saw it. It was a dark, faded brown, and if you touched it, you would risk a splinter. Avoiding the wood, she reached for the brass handle; it’s coldness sent chills down her spine. She turned the knob, and the loud CREAK of the door gave her a heart-attack. Taking one step per minute, she finally made her way to the bottom of the staircase. When she listened for the violin, she found silence. She looked at the center of the room and all around, but found nothing but boxes piled on boxes filled with clothes and other forgotten items. She walked to the center of the room, and she felt the hairs on her arms stand up straight. There was an overwhelming smell of mildew that made her nose burn. 

After standing around for awhile, she decided that she had just imagined everything. While walking toward the stairs, she heard the smallest, the tiniest, the most quietest note you could ever hear come from an instrument, specifically, the violin. She knew now that she wasn’t crazy; there was definitely something strange happening. However, she didn’t act like she had heard it; she had just kept walking. With the cover of the stairs, she took out her phone and used the camera as a mirror so that she could see what was going on. At first, there was nothing, and she was starting to doubt her own sanity. Just as she was about to give up, she saw a violin appear out of thin air. Just as fast as the violin had appeared, music started playing. It was so peaceful that Trinity started to get sleepier and sleepier. With the smell of mildew and the soft melody, it was hard to keep her eyes open. She had been staring at the violin, and she completely drifted away from the world. 

She was just about to fall asleep when she heard it. It was loud, and it had brought her back from her daze. It was the sound of her phone beeping telling her that her battery was low. She didn’t know what to do! Had the violin player heard? Would it get angry? She wanted to leave before she had the chance to find the answers to her questions. She stood up, and just before she was about to exit out of her camera, she saw a face. It was old, wrinkly, and it frightened her. Its beady eyes seemed to stare right into her soul. Surprisingly, those same eyes seemed to know her, but she didn’t know how. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she ran up the stairs, out the door, and out of the house! She stood, stared at the house for a couple of seconds. She would never look at it the same. She never went to the house again. Even if it was the house of her own grandmother.