The past few weeks have been filled with terrific school pride events that often don’t get talked about in the media so I thought I would share these five pictures with you directly.  

In Baton Rouge, our January board meeting featured  performances from our cheerleaders and dance team.  Our Baton Rouge school serves grades K-4 this year. 

In Colorado Springs, parents met last week to celebrate significant academic growth of all the students.  

In Gary, Indiana, we celebrated a January graduation class for Gary Middle College.  We had 12 graduates and eight had earned college credits and/or career certifications, too. 

Lastly, we were treated to what I believe is quickly becoming a “must see” set of performances by our dance team at 21st Century Charter School in Gary.  Our dance team  is led by one of our alums and the routines she puts together rival anything I’ve seen at any professional sports events.  But what really stands out to me is the wide range in ages of student participants as the school includes all K12 students in the team’s routines. Pretty cool!

Why does all this matter?  It speaks to school spirit.  Community buy in.  The development of great memories for our students and their friends and families.  Yes, we care greatly about the academic performance of our students and that is job one for us (we’re pretty good at that, too), but we can have fun along the way, too.  It’s great to see these celebrations and successes at our schools.  Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

It’s a wonderful life!

Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation