Dear Friends:

Just a quick note to share good news! We received notice today from the state of Indiana that Gary Middle College earned a B from the state for last year’s work. More than 83% of our graduates earned a college and/or career credit. How about that!? Gary Middle College is a program we started in 2012 to assist students who don’t fit in a traditional high school. We serve students who are ages 16 and up (some are even in their 60s) and they earn high school diplomas and college credits and career certifications. The school has been so successful that we opened a second location on the westside of Gary earlier this month.

In Baton Rouge, the state released growth rates and show GEO Prep and GEO Prep Mid City doing quite well against the rest of the state’s 1337 schools. GEO Prep is ranked in the top 39% in English Language Arts growth and in the top 17% of the state in math growth. GEO Prep Mid City is in the top 48% of the state in English Language Arts growth and top 12% in math growth. We are currently serving more than 1200 students in these two schools. We started serving 150 students in 2015. Pretty impressive enrollment growth over the past four years.

That’s all. Just sharing good news!

Let’s keep changing the world together!


Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation


Twitter: @teasleygeo