1,2,3,4 how many years of college do you want to score? In high school? Students are empowered to fly as high as they want in our high schools. As such, Jordin earned 30 college credits (one year) and a career certification. Andrenia, Demondrick, and Khadijah earned an associate degree (2 years of college). All four will graduate in May and all four have been accepted to college. Arianna and Brianna are juniors and will complete their associate degree in May. They are choosing to return for their senior year to earn a third year of college while in our high school. And Erin, earned her associate when she completed her sophomore year. She returned to our high school and is currently a junior with us AND a junior at Purdue NW studying biotechnology. Erin will earn a full bachelor’s degree BEFORE graduating from our high school in 2021. She is the second student to do this at our school. All these degrees and credits are earned by our students, and are paid for by us. These students represent a sea change in Gary, Indiana. In 2005, 50% of students dropped out of Gary high schools. Today, we graduate 96% on time and with serious college credits and degrees. It’s a new day in Gary. And we have expanded to Baton Rouge. After only one year in Baton Rouge, 30% of our freshmen have already earned about 12 college credits. Get ready America! It’s a new day!