Dear Friends:

I don’t normally like to clog up your emails with two emails in two days, but I just returned from orientation day at GEO Next Generation High School Indianapolis and was so inspired by the number of families and students I met.  Every student I talked to told me they were excited about going to Next Gen because of the college and career opportunities we provide. They said they were looking for more personal attention than they received at their previous school, too.

I met one family (above left) who is sending all three high school students (including a set of twins) to our school. Mom talked about how she was excited everyone has the opportunity to earn college degrees and to do so without going into debt. And this family was not alone. Another Mom was enrolling both her boys (top right). One wants to be a veterinarian and the other wants to be a welder. Great students!

In any case, this was a great way to end my week so I wanted to share these pictures with you. Seeing students excited about coming back to school was very uplifting! And yes, they agreed our school will help them go further even during the pandemic because they will not be stuck in traditional high school classes–they will have access to real college classes.

If you want to join us, consider sponsoring a scholar. Join them in their journey to success. Show them your support. We are changing the world! Join us. You will be glad you did!


Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation