Every once in a while, I have to take a break from the day-to-day to ask myself, why GEO? GEO stands for Greater Education Opportunities. The pictures above illustrate what GEO is about, too.


We stand for providing students a high quality education from kindergarten through college. We do our work by offering different pathways for students. We provide and support brick and mortar charter schools, private, voucher-redeeming on-line schools, and partnerships with career centers and colleges and universities. Our main focus is always on what’s best for the student and seek to provide the best opportunity for each student to achieve their goals.


Our seven charter schools are by far the largest pathway we provide for our students to tread down. We currently support more than 3,500 students in Gary, Indiana, Indianapolis, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our Indiana schools regularly post 90% or higher graduation rates, and more importantly, our students graduate having already earned valuable career certifications (welding, auto mechanics, culinary arts, cybersecurity, coding, graphic arts, and more) and 2-year college associate degrees that save them time and money toward completion of a 4-year degree.


Our on-line state-approved private school (which redeems vouchers for qualified families) provides students throughout Indiana the same college and career opportunities as our brick and mortar charters.


And our high school dropout prevention and college completion schools provide students 16 years and older the opportunity to complete their high school diploma AND go to college, too.


These are exciting times and we are building new pathways I’m chomping at the bit to tell you about but can’t right now. Suffice it to say, it’s HUGE! A BIG DEAL! But I have to wait. And if you know me, I’m not good at keeping BIG NEWS quiet for very long, but for now, I will be patient.


I’m extremely proud of what the GEO team is able to do each year and every day. The pictures above show the broad spectrum of our menu of educational opportunities. Several students above have been with us since kindergarten and are graduating from our high school this year with a full associate degree in their pocket. Another picture is of an entire family we served in two of our schools–the family is celebrating their son who graduated from our dropout prevention school. His sister graduated from our other high school early with a full associate degree and was accepted into Howard University as a junior in college this past year. Other pictures are of students who are just starting out on their high school and college journey, while others are still in our elementary school.


It is so exciting to see all of these developments. GEO is creating great pathways that meet the specific needs of students, get the biggest return on the taxpayer dollar, save time and money for students and families, and lead to successful futures. So exciting!!



Kevin Teasley

Founder & President

GEO Foundation