White papers and policy books can be dry and impersonal so I share this story with my policy friends.


At GEO, there is nothing dry, nor impersonal about what we do. We practice school choice policies every day. Today, join me in celebrating these two students and the school choice decisions their parents made.


Anija is a senior who joined us as a kindergarten student. The captain of our varsity cheerleading team this year, when she graduates in May, she will have a two-year associate degree in her pocket.


Ashton Williamson’s Mom, LeAnette Paden, made a really tough choice last year to change his school and seek academic excellence for her son. She enrolled him in 21st Century Charter School at Gary. The decision cost Ash a season. She fought the previous school and the powerful IHSAA to make the change, too. Today, Ash is a superstar on and off the court. A junior, he’s also earning college credits already!


This is the power of school choice. Policy impacts/empowers real people. Gets real results. I’m grateful to my policy friends. Hope this inspires your work in state houses all across the country. Your work matters.


Parents, your decisions matter. Thank you for your trust.



Kevin Teasley

Founder & President

GEO Foundation