About Us

Kevin is one of the real innovators in the charter school space and has amassed a stunning record of accomplishment over the years. His focus and zeal for helping students achieve lifelong success is unparalleled.”

Macke Raymond
Director, CREDO
Stanford University

Founded in 1998 by Kevin Teasley, GEO (Greater Education Opportunities) Foundation has radically altered the trajectory of impoverished students to succeed in college and career while still in high school through its innovative College Immersion Program.

Little more than 10% of the students that GEO serves in Gary through its flagship school 21st Century Charter School come from homes with any college experience. By contrast, 21C graduates earn an average of 19 college credits each, putting them in the top 5% of Indiana for college readiness. Nearly 30% of 21C 2020 graduates earned a full associate degree in high school.

In 2014, GEO’s success in Gary caught the attention of former Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White and an invitation by the Louisiana Department of Education to bring GEO’s college immersion model to Louisiana. Six years, four campuses, and 1,600 students later, GEO has earned the support of New Schools Baton Rouge and consistent “top gains” by the Louisiana Department of Education.

GEO Foundation supports a network of seven GEO Academies in Gary and Indianapolis, Indiana and Baton Rouge, Louisiana that serve 3,500 predominantly African-American and low-income students. 


Our Schools:

GEO Academies Are Successful Charter Schools:

Stanford University has published reports showing GEO Academies to be in the top 25% of the country in terms of academic growth.

GEO Academies Manages and Supports Successful Charter Schools:

Each GEO Academy starts by invitation of local community leaders.  GEO Academies works with the founding board of directors to develop the charter application, then provides guidance and support in hiring and training the school leader and staff.  GEO also assists in finding a facility, funding furniture and supplies, marketing, technology and providing the professional development to staff to ensure a successful school opening.  After opening, GEO provides back office support—accounting, human resources, academic oversight—to assist the school in achieving economies of scale, keep administration costs down, and to get as many education dollars in the classroom as possible.