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New York Times Features Challenges in Gary,  Sports Illustrated Features a GEO Alum,  GEO is Changing the Narrative in Urban America

The New York Times and Sports Illustrated featured articles on Gary, Indiana this past week. The NYT article was about efforts to change the narrative of the Steel City, a city that has lost more than half its population and suffers from high unemployment and high crime. Standing in the shadows of the Chicago skyline, the media often call Gary the most miserable city in America.

Midcity BRParents News Article Jan 2024

Serving students K-8th grade, GEO Prep Mid-City takes a focused approach to education by prioritizing college preparedness. Principal Christina Kelly states they “start from the beginning by setting an expectation” to attend college. She highlights that college prep can start as early as kindergarten, “First, we tell students, we want them to matriculate from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Then, we do several activities with the high school.”

Yes, We Want to Change the World...  And We Are, One Student, One City at a Time

It is only the second week of the new year and we are off to the races.

Georgetown University researcher and policy director for FutureEd, the education reform arm of Georgetown, featured our Baton Rouge students who expect to earn full associate degrees in May BEFORE graduating from our high school in a column for The74, a nationally respected education reform newsletter. You can read her column here