Connie Pulliam has served GEO Foundation and GEO Academies for over 20 years as Manager of Human Director, developing and providing HR support services. Her goal is to assist school leaders in developing and maintaining a qualified team that is needed to provide excellent academic success for the students they serve. In addition, Connie maintains and implements employee policies, provides risk assessment to principals, manages GEO Foundation/GEO Academies payroll processes and resources, develops and coordinates all employee benefits including Cobra and 6 individual retirement funds, maintains employee files, oversees OSHA requirements, manages worker’s compensation policies and unemployment benefits.  She also provides accountability reporting to Louisiana, and Indiana agencies. 


A lifetime resident of Indiana, Connie attended the University of Miami where she majored in health science and minored in journalism. She is a current member of the Indiana Chamber and SHRM. Prior to joining the GEO Foundation, Connie managed the statewide offices for the Indiana Association of Home Educators, where she counseled families seeking to home school. Educating her own children at home; she realized first hand that all children have unique learning styles and need additional options to the traditional public school system. While serving the IAHE, she received a prestigious letter of commendation from the U.S. Navy for her work to establish military admissions guidelines for homeschooled graduates in Indiana. After her children graduated, she co-founded the Indiana Foundation for Homeschooling, established to provide college scholarship opportunities for home educated students. There she served as an executive board member till 2009 and currently serves on their advisory council.


Connie celebrates over 40 years of marriage with her husband, Roger. She has enjoyed volunteering in many capacities throughout her life including Scouts, Special Olympics, church, YAK; a statewide youth organization she co-founded to serve homeschooled teens in Indiana, and mentoring young girls incarcerated with the Ocala Correctional Facility for Youth. She loves yoga, the outdoors and spending time with her husband and any of their 14 grandchildren.