Academic Results

The success of our student-first focus is entirely wrapped up in the achievement of its students, which is why we tailor each child’s education to their needs. See how we’re doing.

Gary Middle College is proud of its flexible schedule that allows students to work at their own pace to complete their high school degree and Associate’s degree through our dual enrollment program.

Students that attend our program in the evening do well and complete their courses in 6-8 weeks.

A total of 249 students have been served by the GMC program year to date by the program.

Progress compared to expected completion goals for curriculum has grown steadily and weekly goals are being exceeded. This shows that students are exceeding the pace needed to regain momentum in their education program.

Below is a graph of recent progress towards credit completion.

Credit Completion

GMC students attending regularly have completed an average of 7.0 credits during the first 6 months of the school year. Students are enrolled in an average of 3 courses with a goal of 6 credits achieved for a 9 month school year. At 6 months, students are exceeding the pace for credit completion significantly.

Learn MORE about our incentives program, Reward Your Efforts! that supports and motivates students to complete their courses and earn their high school degree and Associate’s Degree. We know that students are working hard at school and outside of school, at work, caring for children or other family members, and Gary Middle College wants to do everything possible to support students academic achievements.